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CIA New Zealand Code of Conduct

We strive for excellence in service delivery to our customers.  To achieve this we live and work by our Code of Conduct.


“Agency” and/or “CIA” means CIA New Zealand Limited, a duly incorporated company having its registered office at Palmerston, Otago, New Zealand

“Agents” – employees of cia.net.nz

“Operatives” – contractors, consultants, volunteers, or suppliers


Article I – Our Philosophy

We aim to provide excellence in service and commitment to quality, stemming from passion for what we do, client satisfaction, and our continuing thirst for creativity, innovation and taking action.
We strive to be a respected and trusted service provider locally, nationally and internationally, producing positive outcomes and proactively challenging ourselves to identify and develop innovative and creative solutions that will benefit our clients.

It is about unleashing creativity and innovation in all that we do and following this up with action in what we do.  As the old saying goes “Actions speak louder than words”.


Article II - Purpose

This Code of Conduct is to establish the standards of behaviour expected of all CIA Agents and Operatives.  As CIA is judged by the way its Agents represent it, it is therefore necessary to maintain exceptional standards of personal and professional conduct. The cornerstone of this Code is that all Agents will work to the highest ethical standard in delivery of our philosophy.


Article III - Coverage

The Code of Conduct applies to all CIA Agents including permanent, temporary or casual Agents, Agents on overseas deployment, special operations, covert operation, and prospective Agents.

The Code of Conduct also applies to persons engaged by CIA including contractors, consultants and volunteers (“Operatives) and will form part of the contractual arrangements between the Operatives and CIA.


Article IV - Director’s obligations

The Directors are duty bound to ensure that CIA New Zealand Limited is an excellent employer and service provider and to deal with Agents (prospective or existing), Operatives and Clients in good faith. The Directors are committed to applying the Code of Conduct in a fair, reasonable and objective manner.

The Directors acknowledge their obligations as an excellent employer and service provider and in doing so will endeavour to:

  • Maintain open communication and share information where appropriate;
  • Accept constructive criticism and work with it to improve the Agency
  • Encourage learning and further education
  • Respect the right to privacy and treat people with respect;
  • Take all practicable steps to provide a safe and healthy working environment;
  • Ensure that clients receive value for money
  • Ensure that any third party invoice is passed through at cost (no mark-ups)
  • Be open to new or different ideas, with a willingness to debate the pros and cons to reach a mutually agreeable solution
  • Value diversity and recognise the aims, aspirations and needs of all ethnicities, genders, and physical capabilities;
  • Provide the opportunity for development and enhancement of individual abilities;
  • Provide a workplace free from harassment and unlawful discrimination;
  • Manage change within the Agency fairly; and
  • Meet all legal requirements as an employer.


Article V - Honesty and integrity

Agents are committed and loyal to the vision, values and goals of CIA. They shall inspire trust and behave honestly, ethically and with integrity.

Agents shall avoid any activities, either work-related or non work-related, that may in any way bring CIA into disrepute, or damage the relationship of trust and confidence between CIA, its clients, Operatives, other agencies or the community.

All communications shall be conducted in good faith, in an open and truthful manner.

Agents take responsibility for their own actions and decisions, and shall challenge unethical or unprofessional behaviour wherever encountered.


Article VI - Loyalty, good faith and professionalism

Agents have a duty to work in a trustworthy and reliable manner. They are committed to carrying out faithfully the duties and obligations of the role for which they are engaged in an efficient, competent and loyal manner, and avoid behaviour that might impair their effectiveness. Employees are proactive in protecting the Agency’s interests, rather than merely refraining from damaging them.

Agents shall obey all lawful and reasonable instructions unless there is good and sufficient cause to do otherwise.

Agents shall abide by the provisions of all New Zealand legislation, together with any instructions, standards, policies and procedures set by CIA.

Agents shall act professionally at all times and are aware of the impact of their behaviour and decisions.

Agents will support their colleagues in the execution of their duties, and challenge any improper behaviour, as appropriate, including reporting it.

Agents shall exercise sound discretion and judgement at all times.

Agents shall avoid conduct which may, or does, impair work performance, including the use of alcohol and other drugs or substances.

All Agents shall maintain a professional image.

Above all, all Agents shall enjoy what they do.


Article VII - Fairness and Impartiality

All Agents have a responsibility to act with fairness and impartiality in all dealings with Clients, Operatives or the general public, and to be seen to do so, avoiding any potential or perceived conflicts of interest.

Agents will endeavour to avoid situations that might compromise, directly or indirectly, their impartiality or otherwise calls into question an Agent’s ability to deal with a matter in a fair and unbiased manner. Agents shall inform their managers where any actual or perceived conflict of interest could arise.

Agents will ensure that they remain politically neutral in all of their dealings in the workplace.

Where Agents do participate in political matters in a personal capacity, they do not bring themselves into conflict with their primary role as CIA Agents.

Agents may participate in public bodies or voluntary associations, or stand for elected roles in local or national government in compliance with the relevant legislative requirements and Agency policies.


Article VIII - Respect for people and property

All Agents understand that their role is to acknowledge and respond to our diverse society and to treat all people and their property with dignity and respect.

Agents are to be fair and just in carrying out their duties, irrespective of their personal beliefs, values and philosophies.

Agents are to respect the rights of all persons and treat other Agents, Operatives and members of the public with courtesy and respect.

Agents are to avoid oppressive, harassing or overbearing behaviour or language.

Agents are to avoid discriminating behaviour or language in accordance with the Human Rights Act 1993.

All Agents observe and protect the rights of others to privacy and confidentiality.


Article IX - Confidentiality

Information which comes into an Agent's possession in the course of their duties must be treated in confidence and only used for official purposes.

Care is taken with the handling of information, including ensuring it is only used in accordance with applicable legislation and recognised standards, policies and directives.

Agents shall not access or use confidential, personal, or sensitive information for personal purposes or advantage, or divulge such information to another person outside of official duties or as otherwise required by law.

Official and private information is only released in accordance with applicable legislation and Agency procedures, and by Agents authorised to deal with requests for information.